April 9 2017

Why did I need to update my art and journal supply tote?

Overall #backtobasicsapril items

On Friday I posted a “What’s in my bags?” video because for the month of April I’m getting #backtobasics. To be honest, when I was first thinking about all of this back in March all I knew for sure was that I wasn’t really using my journals or planner(s). And if I’m not journalling then there is something seriously wrong. One of the things that has really worked for me in the past is #onebookjuly. I remember the first time I heard Rhomany of Rhomany’s Realm talk about #onebookjuly–getting back to the basics of planning. If the system you’re using for planning isn’t working it doesn’t matter what notebook you use… And since then I’ve been working on my actual planning system.

I’ve tried a Filofax. Hobonichi. Bullet Journal. Omni Journal. Inkwell Press. Day Planner. DIY Planner. An inexpensive pocket calendar. Along with quite a few others. So back in March when I was thinking about my basic planning system, along with my art/smash/scrapbook/commonplace/omni journal I knew that I really just needed to be back to basics with all of it, including my supplies. What? Go to basics in regard to planner/journal supplies? Are you crazy? Maybe. Maybe not.

A number of different planning/journaling systems I’ve used.

All I know for sure is that out of everything I’d ever tried I got more out of #onebookjuly than anything else… but it wasn’t July it was only March–July’s months away. I asked myself what was it about #onebookjuly that made things work, though to be honest it took me at least 2, maybe 3, tries before I figured things out… And the answer I came up was this… “getting back to basics” is what worked. Only I needed help in more than just the planner/journal area. I need(ed) to get back to basics, or simplify my life in quite a few areas. I need to clean out, purge, and organize the closets in our home (every single one of those suckers). I need to go through all of my stationary and art supplies and organize them at the very least, maybe even purge a few (or seven) things. I need to get back to basics with my health and fitness. Start eating healthier. Start some kind of daily exercise thing, like maybe walking. Getting up and moving since I sit so much (writing is a sedentary endeavor unless you can afford one of those new treadmill desk seats).


There are quite a few other things I need to do in regards to simplifying my life, but after a conversation with a few others, I have such a wonderful tribe, we decided on #backtobasicsapril. You see, I’m not alone in the desire to simplify my life, supplies, journaling/planning/etc. I’m not alone on my journey to be a healthier me.

My #backtobasicsapril set up in my Dark Unicorn Jonelifish

In my #backtobasicsapril video I said I’d give some links to at least some of the items in my pink tote, but instead I think I’m going to create a post about my very favorite supplies. I’ll get to that tomorrow, I have to make the list and get the links, but for now I thought I’d address why I chose to narrow things down to my favorite supplies to use for #backtobasicsapril. I have quite a few supplies. Not nearly all that I want, and I’m missing a few supplies that I need, but overall what I KNOW I need to do is utilize what I do have… see if they’re really my favorites. What supplies could I live without? If there are any supplies in my pink tote that I do not end up using in April they’re going in the “not sure” bin. And then in May, I will go through more of my supplies…change up the pink bag with the next in line… the “I really like supplies” and out of those what I don’t use will go in the “not sure” bin. I’ll keep doing this until the end of June. During #onebookjuly I’m going to only use the things I’ve actually kept in the pink bag that are my very favorites, and go through that “not sure” bin with a fine tooth comb, so to speak. If it isn’t something I’ve missed over the past few months I won’t be keeping it. What I can donate I will, what I can repurpose I will, and what I can send out to someone who might actually want it I will.

Same goes for clothes. Shoes. Kitchen stuff. If it is torn, broken, or if I don’t know what it is, what it goes to, etc… I will be getting rid of quite a bit over this summer. And though I am a bit anxious about purging things–can you say hoarder?–I know I need to do this. I’ll feel better as I let go of things I do not love.



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