October 16 2016

The Drawing of the Three Discussion Questions Part II

As a Constant Reader of Sai King’s work, I’m often surprised, yet not surprised at the same time, that there is so much symbolism within the pages of his books. Instead of separating the remaining weeks I’m going to write all of the questions here in this post and then I’m going to write a discussion post about what I think about the whole of the book. From now on, I’m going to do the same for the rest of the books. A central Questions Post and then a Central Discussion Post. I’d love it if you’d answer the questions here, and then go on to comment on the discussion post.

What is Ka? How does it affect Roland’s life? Does Ka seem to equate pre-destination? Do you think that humans are trapped by Ka, or do we retain free will?

What do the three magic doors look like? Why do you think each are different? How do they work? Do you think Ka has anything to do with the differences between the doors, and their existence?

Roland hears voices in his head. Cuthburt’s, the MIB’s, his father’s…Do you think they play a part in Roland’s internal dialogue? Do you think they are a force for good or bad? How does Roland becoming a voice in the mind’s of others change your view of Roland?

Much of the Drawing of the Three takes place outside of Roland’s World, and instead in our world, or at least a version of our world. Many of Eddie’s problems, as well as most of Detta/Odetta’s problems, are rooted in the U.S.’s culture/history. What social, economic, and cultural problems of 1980’s America touch Eddie’s life? How did racial hatred, segregation, and then the Civil Rights Movement affect Detta/Odetta’s life?

Why is Eddie willing to put his life in danger for his brother Henry? Do you think Henry deserves this kind of loyalty?

Roland comes from a Warrior culture. What part does patriarchal lineage play in the gunslinger culture? Why would this kind of culture be foreign to Eddie?

What did you think about the showdown at Balazar’s place?

Why did Odetta’s father refuse to tell her about his past? What metaphor does King use to describe Dan Holmes’s protective silence? How does his treatment of his past contribute to Odetta’s fragmentation?

How does Roland help “cure” Odetta of the fragmentation? Is timing significant?

What do you think about Jack Mort and what happened to him?

What role does Jack play in the novel? Why is this so significant in terms of Roland’s development?

The verb to draw has many meanings and can be used in many contexts. Roland, Eddie, and Detta all draw guns. Roland draws his two companions into his world. However, the verb to draw can also be used to describe the action of drawing poison from a wound so that the wound can heal. What role does this kind of drawing play in the Drawing of the Three?

What role does Jake play in this novel? Why is this so significant in terms of ROland’s development?


*Note: Most of these questions came from Robin Furth’s Stephen King’s The Dark Tower A Concordance Volume II.


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