October 13 2013

Random Musings on Cold Meds

I could write an ode to Mucinex DM, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, along with orange juice, V-8 Splash Pomegranate Blueberry,  soup, and my husband (we’ve been taking turns taking care of each other as we suffer through the flu/cold/sinus thing that has had us in her clutches all weekend), but instead I’ll just say I really HATE being sick. I feel so weak that sitting at the desk looking at the computer screen feels like manual labor, much less doing any actual writing, but I’m writing nonetheless.

I found quite a few blogs today that were posting about NaNoWriMo. Some are doing it, some aren’t. Some love it. Some are preparing for it, and some will be pantsing through it. I clicked that wonderful follow button for quite a few but I’ll have to go back tomorrow or Tuesday (once I’m feeling better) to read and (hopefully) follow more. As an aspiring author, a writer who was only published many, many moons ago in high school (too many moons ago to discuss), I feel a deep and abiding connection with the written word and love to read–yes, I’m a bookworm, a nerd, so when I find blogs I like I pounce on the follow button with enthusiasm.

Branding one’s self as an author/writer is ridiculous to me, but maybe that’s because I’m old school. I’m pretty sure that Stephen King didn’t brand himself before he became a famous writer, nor did Tolkien or C.S. Lewis, or Dean Koontz, or Anne Rice, or Nora Roberts, or….But now we’re at this place in our world where Twitter, FB, etc have taken over mass communication. I have a Twitter account, but hell if I really know how to use it. And once you’re on there and you follow people there are so many tweets I wouldn’t have time to read them all and still have time to FB, write on my blog, write my book, cook dinner, eat, clean, and exercise–there’s just not enough time in the day. (And what exactly are hash tags anyway?)

Hell, I remember when I was in high school having to write my research papers on a typewriter, no one I knew had personal computers in the early 80s. I took typing my freshmen year of high school. Typing, not keyboarding. And back then, with a manual typewriter, I could type 45 wpm with about 1/2 mistakes. Now I type 75wpm (or so) on a keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to technology, nor am I adverse to writers (or aspiring writers) like myself promoting ourselves. Getting our names out there. But honestly, do I really have to Tweet? (Can you tell I’m just not a big fan of Twitter?) Can’t I just FB, blog, and write my book?

Eventually I hope to finish my book and send it out… And I DO EXPECT rejection letters. I’m actually looking forward to them. It means I’m a real struggling writer, that I’m out there fulfilling my dream. And someone, somewhere, will read my manuscript and want to sign me up.

Now it’s time to take my achy, sniffly, fever ridden self to bed and watch some Netflix until it’s time for my husband and I to help each other cook dinner (we’re having red pepper and garlic tomato soup with mozzarella cheese, grilled ham and pepper-jack cheese sandwiches, a salad, and sweet tea for dinner (I’m all juiced out for now).

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  1. By Lisa Shaw on

    Red pepper and garlic tomato soup?! Sounds ab-fab. I am going to find a recipe for that on the internet right now and make myself some! Hope you and your hubby feel better soon.

    1. By burgesstaylor7911 on

      Thanks. Mine’s roasted red peppers and tomato soup, and I just add a touch of garlic salt, a tiny bit of pepper, a little onion and celery powder, and Wa La! I add shredded mozzarella cheese to soup once it is in the individual bowls. I love soup. All kinds. Especially when I’m sick.

  2. By Aussa Lorens on

    I had a hard time calling myself a “writer” at first, though I have been a storyteller since before I could really read. Now that I’ve waded through dozens of edits and rejections I feel I’ve earned the title 😉 But I’m not an author, not until publication. *sigh*

    1. By burgesstaylor7911 on

      Exactly. That’s how I think of it as well. I’m a writer and have been for as long as I can remember–telling stories or reading stories to a real (my younger brother), then cousins, then my children. One day I’ll be an author, hopefully. 🙂