October 31 2013

Happy NaNo Eve

Night before Nano

Here in SC it is a little less than 9 hours before NaNoWriMo begins. I decided when I went to bed last night that I was changing things completely. Different novel. Different character. Different setting. You name it, it’s different. It has to be the pantser in me. Has to be.

Ray Bradbury pantser quote

I’ve spent almost two months plotting a novel only to find that it is not THE novel I feel in my bones right now. A new idea hit me yesterday when I was napping. I saw the character, saw the plot. I woke up and I KNEW that was the novel. It’s based on a phrase my grandmother used to say when you were in trouble or trouble was lurking in the dark waiting to pounce.


So I’m now finding character names, now figuring out the name of the town my novel takes place in is actually the town I grew up in–Charleston (South Carolina for those of you not in the US or who think maybe it’s the Charleston that’s in VA). Downtown Charleston to be exact. The haunted townhouse my grandparents used to live in when I was a child. Yes, it was really haunted. I saw the ghosts and heard them myself. Many of us (cousins, aunts & uncles, my grandparents) did.

last minute change

So I need to get back to the basic stuff so I can start the good stuff at midnight. YAY! NaNoWriMo starts in less than 9 hours. šŸ˜€ And I’m truly excited. Changing things up at the last minute has me stressed out but relieved at the same time. I was becoming burdened, weighed down by all the plot/outline/structure stuff and it was taking most of the fun out of it for me.

only the plot

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    1. By burgesstaylor7911 on

      Thanks šŸ˜€ Me too. I guess that’s the fun part for me. I can always go back once it is finished and use the plotting/structure thing to ed it.

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