October 22 2013

Tossing and Turning

I’ve been preparing for NaNoWriMo by researching mapmaking and world building, by working on my outline (which is difficult because I’m more of a pantser), and finding the rest of the pictures to use as visuals for my characters and town. I was also busy helping my husband get things together so he could fly to TN for training for the new company he’s working for now. YAY new job!

He flew out of Charleston Sunday afternoon and as I waved goodbye I realized this is the first time we’ve been separated for more than a day since we became serious (2 1/2 years ago). We’ve only been married for 13 1/2 months so it’s sort of a big deal.

I spent last night tossing and turning. When he called earlier this evening he said, “Well at least you’ll be able to work on your writing without distractions,” and my thought was, “You not being here is a distraction,” but I didn’t say it. He’ll be back Friday evening, which isn’t soon enough for me, but I’ll be fine–I’ll just curl up to his pillow and fall asleep to Netflix (which will be happening soon).

When he’s here I take a break from writing, researching, etc., and just enjoy my time with him. Since he’s been gone, which has only been two days, my routine is askew and I feel restless and I’m not sure of what to do with myself. My breaks are now random, instead of on a routine, and my routine has been thrown out of the window. I’m not going to sleep until I’m utterly exhausted, in part because of the pain from my rotator cuff being messed up and the meds I’m on, and in part because I miss my husband and I sleep much better with him next to me than all alone in our queen sized bed. I used to sleep just fine by myself. Hogging the middle of the bed is not fun when you’re by yourself. Nor is hogging the covers.

So I’ve made a note to myself to get up in the morning and get back into my routine. I prefer the routine. I need the routine and I’ll really need it once NaNo starts November 1st.

My TO-DO list for tomorrow:

  • Get back into routine
  • Finish town map
  • Finish character sketches (I only have 2 left)
  • Finish outline for Part 2 (at least) & Part 3
  • Work on organizing bookshelf
  • Go to sleep Tuesday night by midnight (or at least try to)
  • Make shopping list for NaNo supplies

And now I’m off to find something to fall asleep to on Netflix, and hopefully I’ll dream about my characters tonight so I’m inspired in the morning 😀


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October 16 2013



Part of my routine each day is to check out my WP reader, FB, email, and the news. Yesterday (or maybe it was the day before) I found a post entitled 10 NaNoWriMo tips & tricks. In the post she gives a shout out to Rainy Moods and I’m now a fan and am hooked. Even my husband, who doesn’t write but is a musician, loves it. We fell asleep to the sound of rain last night and it wasn’t raining here.  I’m picky about listening to music when I write–most music distracts me so I often listen to classical, movie soundtracks (the songs that don’t having vocals), that kind of thing. Now I feel like I’ve found the perfect music for the mood I’ll need for this novel. Yesterday evening I was telling my daughter about the character I’ve chosen for my NaNo novel. Her name is Jynx and she’s a 25 year old graduate student. My daughter asked me what color her hair was, and I told her black or red, and she has gray eyes. My daughter said, “You should give her violet hair. Dark purple.” And you know what, she’s right. I thought about for a minute and nodded to my daughter. So now I’m on the hunt for a picture that comes close to what I feel like the character looks like. (Thank goodness for google, creative commons, and pinterest.)

One of the first things I do in the morning is make coffee. I normally drink coffee out of the Goofy cup my brother gave me. (This morning I’m having coffee with spiced pumpkin creamer–Oh, it’s so good!) I take a shower while the coffee is brewing–on a good morning my husband and I take our shower together, and come next week he’ll be back on the road so I won’t see him but on the weekends–FROWN! I open Word Press, Facebook, and my email account. I check all  of those. Then I either write a blog post or wait until later on in the day (some days I go straight to my novel).

Funny thing about routines is that once you get used to them it feels weird when you do something different. Lately I’ve been working on the outline for my NaNo novel instead of working on the current WIP and I’ve been reading Larry Brooks‘ book “Story Engineering.” For Camp NaNo in April, I read several books beforehand. My favorite Stephen King’sOn Writing,” Baty’s “No Plot? No Problem!” and “Ready, Set, Novel!” as well as quite a few others like “Creative Writing,” “Finding your Muse,” “Rock Your Plot” by Cathy Yardley, “Write Good or Die,” and “You’ve Got a Book in You.” Finding out what works for you when writing is important. I am more of a pantser than a plotter. Lately I’ve become a plotster because I’m determined to have less writer’s block, more writing time. I got stuck at the midpoint of my novel–not a good thing when you have a deadline.

So now, I’m working on getting my routine in order for NaNoWriMo. It’s getting closer and closer and I’d like to have my outline and character outlines finished before it starts.

October 13 2013

Random Musings on Cold Meds

I could write an ode to Mucinex DM, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, along with orange juice, V-8 Splash Pomegranate Blueberry,  soup, and my husband (we’ve been taking turns taking care of each other as we suffer through the flu/cold/sinus thing that has had us in her clutches all weekend), but instead I’ll just say I really HATE being sick. I feel so weak that sitting at the desk looking at the computer screen feels like manual labor, much less doing any actual writing, but I’m writing nonetheless.

I found quite a few blogs today that were posting about NaNoWriMo. Some are doing it, some aren’t. Some love it. Some are preparing for it, and some will be pantsing through it. I clicked that wonderful follow button for quite a few but I’ll have to go back tomorrow or Tuesday (once I’m feeling better) to read and (hopefully) follow more. As an aspiring author, a writer who was only published many, many moons ago in high school (too many moons ago to discuss), I feel a deep and abiding connection with the written word and love to read–yes, I’m a bookworm, a nerd, so when I find blogs I like I pounce on the follow button with enthusiasm.

Branding one’s self as an author/writer is ridiculous to me, but maybe that’s because I’m old school. I’m pretty sure that Stephen King didn’t brand himself before he became a famous writer, nor did Tolkien or C.S. Lewis, or Dean Koontz, or Anne Rice, or Nora Roberts, or….But now we’re at this place in our world where Twitter, FB, etc have taken over mass communication. I have a Twitter account, but hell if I really know how to use it. And once you’re on there and you follow people there are so many tweets I wouldn’t have time to read them all and still have time to FB, write on my blog, write my book, cook dinner, eat, clean, and exercise–there’s just not enough time in the day. (And what exactly are hash tags anyway?)

Hell, I remember when I was in high school having to write my research papers on a typewriter, no one I knew had personal computers in the early 80s. I took typing my freshmen year of high school. Typing, not keyboarding. And back then, with a manual typewriter, I could type 45 wpm with about 1/2 mistakes. Now I type 75wpm (or so) on a keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to technology, nor am I adverse to writers (or aspiring writers) like myself promoting ourselves. Getting our names out there. But honestly, do I really have to Tweet? (Can you tell I’m just not a big fan of Twitter?) Can’t I just FB, blog, and write my book?

Eventually I hope to finish my book and send it out… And I DO EXPECT rejection letters. I’m actually looking forward to them. It means I’m a real struggling writer, that I’m out there fulfilling my dream. And someone, somewhere, will read my manuscript and want to sign me up.

Now it’s time to take my achy, sniffly, fever ridden self to bed and watch some Netflix until it’s time for my husband and I to help each other cook dinner (we’re having red pepper and garlic tomato soup with mozzarella cheese, grilled ham and pepper-jack cheese sandwiches, a salad, and sweet tea for dinner (I’m all juiced out for now).

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