April 2 2014

Camp NaNo Day 1

So I’m coming right along with my novel for Camp…3226 words on Day 1. Not bad for the first day.

I spent part of today organizing my physical writer’s bible. I’ve printed out several things over the past few months–writing resources, outlining info, detailed character worksheets–and I needed a place to store them, in an organized manner, instead of stuck in various drawers of my desk. Now that I’ve moved my desk to the living room, there’s no way I can continue to have the creative clutter I had on the desk when I was in my own writing room. I dream of having a writing shed/barn/cottage/ in the backyard one day, but for now I’m in the living room….

Book cover, Save the Cat, notebook, etc
Book cover, Save the Cat, notebook, etc
This is actually clean considering it's Camp NaNo
This is actually clean considering it’s Camp NaNo

Thought I’d share what my desk looks like while I’m at Camp….IIt’s much cleaner since I’m in the living room now.

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  1. By killerwhaletank on

    I’m not going to lie, I’m insanely jealous of your word count. I’m still just barely at 1,000 words. I have got a LOT of catching up to do!

    1. By Burgess Taylor on

      Nothing to be jealous about. I usually rock and roll the first week so that I have a little wiggle room at the midpoint, which is when I begin to lose steam. But regain steam again towards the the last week. I limit writing on Sundays to a couple of hours so that I can spend time with family, so the wiggle room helps.

    1. By Burgess Taylor on

      Thanks. I also recently got The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing and just started reading it. I like Save the Cat, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to convert the beat page examples into novel pages…