April 6 2017


What have I been up to for the past few weeks? Organizing, writing, goal setting, journaling, filming videos for YT, and so much more.

A few weeks ago I knew I needed to do something. I hadn’t really been journaling, at least not much while I was sick for approximately two months. Not journaling is serious, at least in Burgess Land. Journaling, of any kind, whether it is text journaling, common place journaling, art journaling, “smashbook” style journaling… it all helps decrease my anxiety, and helps keep the depression demons at bay.

Here’s a video where I introduce #backtobasicsapril, which will help me get back to journaling, as well help me accomplish some of the goals like organizing certain areas in my home and life.:

And here’s the other video where I explain #backtobasicsapril in a bit more detail:

And just in case you’re curious… there’s more to come. 😀 Pictures, videos, etc. #backtobasicsapril is all about getting back to basics in whatever area you feel you need to work on. For me it’s journaling, the closets in our house, health and fitness, and self care. A few DIY projects that will help me organize things more efficiently, and will help me purge a few other things in the process.

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