January 10 2018

My Newsletter is almost ready. Wanna sign up?

Hey y’all! My newsletter is almost ready to go out, but first I need email addresses to send them to. Would you like to receive a monthly newsletter from me? Nothing to sell. There’s no giveaway. No e-Book. No gimmicks. Just a newsletter from me that will be a short update of what I’m doing, what I have planned, and that kind of thing.

Please give me a shoutout via my email: journeywithburgess@gmail.com and I’ll add you to the newsletter list.

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January 10 2018

Confessions of a Journaler

I am, and always have been, a lover of all things stationery. I started writing in my first diary when I was in elementary school–my parents bought me a pink Barbie diary with a lock and key. I loved that diary but didn’t really use it consistently until after my daddy died when I was seven years old. I started writing letters to my daddy, instead of “dear diary,” my pages read “dear Daddy.” For well over a year I wrote to my daddy and told him about my day, school, home, Mom, my little brother J____ , and anything else that I thought was important. I didn’t want him to miss anything.

As the years passed, I used regular spiral bound notebooks, composition notebooks, diaries, journals, anything I could use to write in I wrote in. Like reading, I was avid about writing in my journal. I would sit at the table eating my breakfast and read the outside of the cereal box, then I’d start writing in my diary. To this day, I still read the outside of cereal boxes, but the types of notebooks I use for my journals has changed. I suppose it will continue to change as I find different journals I like and/or love, as I try out different sized notebooks. Depending on the purpose of the journal, I prefer my art journals to have either Tomoe River Paper or Mixed Media Paper, and I prefer plain for sketching and dot grid or grid for regular art journaling.  Are you and avid journaler? If so, What kinds of journals do you like?